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Forget Jet Lag for Muscles – 3 Tips to Flush Away "The Airplane Dead-Leg Feeling"

jet lagYou know the scenario: You board the plane with plenty of magazines, a hot lunch, and a fully-charged laptop feeling well prepared for the flight. Approaching your seat, you realize that you have the dreaded position—middle seat. “Oh great,” you mumble to yourself as you crunch your entire body up and sandwich yourself into the tiny stall. The mumbling continues, “I guess I won’t get to move around as much as I wanted on this 5-hour flight.”

As you prepare to hear the safety guidelines for the 107th time, you start to think about your upcoming trip. Maybe you are traveling for a road race, and begin daydreaming about all of the long workouts you have put in during training. Or maybe you are traveling for a business trip, and know how this middle seat positioning is ideal for wrecking your back, not to mention that everyone is looking at your laptop screen.

We have all been in long travel situations, where we sit in small, cramped areas for long durations of time. Throw in time changes and jet lag, and you have the recipe for a severe toll on our bodies. But how can this be remedied moving forward?

The next time that you are gathering your toiletries and sorting out your outfits for travel, consider placing the Marc Pro in your carry-on. Not only can you use the Marc Pro or Marc Pro Plus on the plane during the flight, but you can also use the devices throughout your trip for ultimate recovery.

During a recent trip for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, professional runner, Natasha LaBeaud Anzures, strapped on the Marc Pro Plus during the flight. “I used the Marc Pro during the flight to ensure that I was ahead of my recovery before I even stepped off the plane,” said Natasha. “Travel is tough on the body, but necessary. Finding ways to stay fresh throughout countless flights, bus rides, and small spaces is essential.”

So if you are considering traveling with your Marc Pro, below are 3 quick tips to help you feel fresh, recovered and pain-free during your voyage.

  1. Don’t be afraid to use the Marc Pro during a flight. The electrodes can easily be placed on most areas of the body, and the device can remain on for long periods of time. The lower back and quads can be excellent areas to flush out during a plane ride.
  2. Make your hotel room your recovery room. Just because you are on the road doesn’t mean that great recovery routines have to stop. You can Marc Pro after checking in, while watching your favorite show, or right before bed.
  3. Short bursts of the Marc Pro are better than nothing. You may have a fully booked schedule during your travel, but your back, quads, hamstrings, and feet will thank you for even 20 minutes of Marc Pro time. Traveling does not mean that you have to forfeit feeling good, nor being prepared for your next workout or competition.

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