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Marc Pro Pad Placement Recommendations for Optimal Baseball Recovery

Baseball players of all levels use Marc Pro to recover faster, reduce arm fatigue, and prevent overuse injuries. Players who train hard and throw often will see real recovery results by adding Marc Pro into their routine. Curious where to start? Here are a few common placements designed with baseball players in mind.

Arm Care

The throwing arm placement is the most popular Marc Pro pad placement for baseball players. This area often gets overworked and needs the most recovery. Follow the placement below for Channel A and then choose the Channel B option that is most fitting for you. Try to get the intensity for both channels up to 6+ while your arm is in a relaxed position.

Channel A

Using the A Channel, place one pad on your bicep and the other on your forearm flexor. This will target the muscles surrounding the elbow.

baseball player recovery

Channel B Options

Channel B has a few different options you can choose from based on what muscles feel tired & sore.

Option #1: Deltoid and Trap

This placement is a mainstay for pitchers, but will benefit anyone with discomfort in their arm. Targeting the deltoid and trap will move fluid through the shoulder joint. Use this placement if your upper shoulder area needs help.

Option #2: Lat and Shoulder

Experienced players will often find this option to be the most useful. Since the lat is the main muscle used to decelerate the arm after release, many overhand throwers develop soreness here. 

Option #3: Rhomboids

If you’re a sidearm thrower, it’s common to develop soreness around your rhomboids and lower trap. This also applies to fielders who field the ball low to the ground and must quickly throw across the diamond.

Low Back Recovery

Throwing motions can produce a strong force on the lower back when the lead leg makes contact with the ground. The rapid deceleration often leads to sore or tight lower backs, especially on the opposing side of the throwing arm.

You can use one set of pads to recover your opposing lower back or you can use all four pads to recover your entire low back. If you opt to only target the opposing lower back, you can use the other two pads on your arm or shoulder. Either way, try to get the intensity level up to 9.

Each athlete varies in strength, throwing style, and body composition. We recommend using the pad placements provided as a starting point. Feel free to move the pads to the muscle area that you’re sore in – this will help improve your results. Each device also comes with free coaching calls for those who want personalized recommendations or additional help.

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