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Emily Schromm: Favorite Back Exercise for Improved Strength & Mobility

back exerciseEven if you’re in great shape, back issues can still affect your life. For instance, health/fitness coach Emily Schromm is extremely fit yet still suffers from back issues when she sits for long periods of time. When working out, people tend to neglect strengthening key back muscles that the body uses for everyday activities. Weighted mobility exercises are a great way to strengthen those muscles that we most often neglect. Emily Schromm shares her favorite back exercise you can do anywhere.

Weighted Back Exercise: The Jefferson Curl

All you will need to for this back exercise is a barbell or a weighted item, Emily uses a weighted backpack. The suggested workout includes doing 3 sets of 5 reps.

  • Stand up tall while holding weight with both hands in front of you
  • Tuck in your chin
  • Slowly bend forward, curling one vertebrae at a time
  • Curl all the way down until you touch the ground
  • Slowly come back up to the starting position

To create even more mobility in the back, try standing on a box. This will allow you to get a little bit lower and increase the exercise’s range of motion. Complete the back exercise as normal while standing on the box, but instead of stopping at foot level, bring weight down farther past your feet, off the edge of the box.

Improving Back Health

Incorporating back exercises into your daily life can help strengthen muscles and prevent future issues. You may also consider using tools like the Marc Pro Plus, which helps recover strained muscles, eliminate tightness/fatigue, and improve conditioning so your muscles can do more and last longer before they break down. The Marc Pro Plus is also able to provide significant and lasting pain relief for nerve-related back issues.

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