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How to Achieve Toes to Bar | Tips from Emily Bridgers

toes to barThe toes to bar movement seems simple enough. But coordinating the body, keeping a good rhythm, and building enough strength for multiple reps is harder than it looks. Crossfit Games athlete and head coach at Crossfit Terminus, Emily Bridgers, shares what she recommends to achieve the toes to bar movement.

How to Scale Toes to Bar

If you’re not quite at the point where you can string together multiple reps of toes to bar, toes to rings is a great skill for scaling. This alternative can help build your toes to bar movement so you can connect reps and find your rhythm.

One of the advantages of doing toes to rings come from working with a moving object. This allows you to not have to close your lats quite as much as, but still develop and strengthen the movement. Using the rings, your body can get a bigger forward swing and be able to kip out of the movement, making it slightly easier.

Steps for Toes to Ring

Do a light back swing while opening up your chest. Swing forward and close your shoulders together in the front while bringing your toes up to the bar. Once toes go through the rings bring them back down and go into the next rep. Work towards maintaining a smooth rhythm from one rep to the next.

Even though toes to rings are a scaled movement, they will still be very difficult. Once you master these, doing toes to bar will be an easy transition.

Recovery from Toes to Bar

The toe to bar is a challenging movement that works many muscle groups such as your shoulders, abs, lats, and biceps. It’s important to recover these areas after working out to ensure your body stays healthy and injury free. By improving your recovery, you can also get the most gains from the work you just did and be able to give your best at the next workout. Over 100 pro teams, countless elite athletes, and thousands of everyday people choose Marc Pro for recovery and pain relief. Discover what makes Marc Pro so effective and sets it apart from other techniques and modalities.