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The Gathering Ep. 3 | Tactics that Have Made the Biggest Impact on Performance

the gatheringIn this third and final episode of The Gathering, Noah Ohlsen, Ben Smith, Emily Bridgers, and Scott Panchik sat down with Kelly Starrett to dig deeper into what goes into their training and preparation. The group discussed changes they’ve made to their nutrition, how Marc Pro saved Ben Smith during the Team Series, and other techniques that have positively impacted their performance.

Nutrition Changes: The Lettuce Bun or the Double Bun?

For a while, athletes were all about the Paleo diet- high protein, high fat, low carb. Now, athletes are adding carbs back into their diet so they can be refueled for each training session. Noah, Ben, and Emily all agree that carbs have made a huge difference in their performance.

How Marc Pro Saved Ben Smith’s Performance

About two years ago, Ben Smith was competing in the Team Series when his back issue resurfaced. He couldn’t even physically bend over to get chalk. That’s when Scott Panchik introduced him to the Marc Pro Plus. Ben continued to use the device in between each workout. Not only was he able to compete, his team won the competition!

The group also dives in to share their thoughts and experiences with other recovery methods such as body work, massage, and sleep. Watch the full episode now to get all the details on what has made the biggest difference for these athletes’ athletic performance.

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