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Stability Ball Exercises | 4 Movements for Increasing Muscle Strength

The stability ball does more than help with your balance – it also builds up your core and increases muscle strength. The great thing about stability balls is that they are easy to use, making it simple for people of all abilities to use them. Plus, they’re portable so you can use them at home, in the gym, or even at work.

stability ball exercises

Why Use a Stability Ball?

Many people think the stability ball doesn’t give a good enough workout. You aren’t sweating, so how could you burn calories or gain muscle, right?


The stability ball uses your own body’s resistance to build core strength and increase your flexibility. It’s a great way to start any workout – warming up your muscles and increasing their flexibility. You’ll be able to work out harder and get more out of your exercises once your muscles are warmed.

The stability ball also engages your core unlike any other exercise equipment can. With a greater range of motion using the ball, you’ll enhance your sit-ups, crunches, and back exercises. When you work on your core, you’ll have a stronger abdomen and back, making you less prone to back injuries.

The stability ball is also great for balance. As we age, our balance naturally decreases. When you work out on a ball, you force your body to focus on balancing, which you can carry into your everyday life.

4 Exercises to do with a Stability Ball

The stability ball is versatile, making it a great way to exercise almost any part of your body. Here are some top stability ball exercises:

  • Plank

You thought the plank on the floor was a good workout, right? Increase your game using the stability ball in your planks. Rather than putting your hands on the floor, put them firmly on the ball in the plank position. You’ll work your core harder as you balance and keep the plank position.

  • Push-ups

Level up your push-ups by using the stability ball at your feet. Place your hands on the ground in the typical push-up position and your feet on the ball. As you go down, keep your core engaged so the ball stays in place.

  • Squats

Place the stability ball against a wall and hold it with your back. Put your feet in squat position (hip-width apart) lower into a squat, controlling the stability ball behind you. Press into your heels after you go down as far as you can to push yourself back up.

  • Chest press

Grab your favorite hand weights and lay with the ball underneath your shoulders and upper back. Hold one dumbbell in each hand and control the ball beneath you as you press one arm at a time up to a straight position. Lower the weight and alternate arms, keeping control of the weights and ball simultaneously.

Bottom Line

Include a stability ball in your workout either before you do cardio workouts or as you workout and watch your body change. You’ll feel more flexible, stable, and stronger just by adding this simple piece of equipment to your workout!

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