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3 Core Exercises for Abs like Noah Ohlsen

core strengthening

It’s no secret that Noah Ohlsen has a nice set of abs. So, who better to give some advice on how to build a strong core and get some definition in your midsection? A lot of people want abs, but they can be a tricky thing to attain. Noah shares the ab circuit he created to directly strengthen his core.

Want Abs like Noah? Use this 3 Exercise Circuit

Noah suggests completing three rounds of these three core exercises for the ultimate ab workout.

1. Toes to Bar:

Do 10 strict toes to bar. If you need to scale the movement down, you can easily switch to kipping toes to bar.

2. L-Sit:

Hold for 20 seconds. To scale down this exercise, you can go into a tuck position or you can put one leg out front at a time. Another option is to go from the ground. Keep your legs out in front, lift your hips off the ground, and progress by lifting one foot at a time.

3. Anchored Sit-Ups:

Complete 30 reps of sit-ups, keeping your feet anchored down with some dumbbells. When you go backwards, touch the ground behind your head. When you come up, touch the dumbbells with your hands so you can get the full effect of the movement.

Why a Strong Core is Important

Core exercises may help bring some definition to your trunk, but the benefits go beyond that. A strong core is very important when it comes to protecting your spine. Whether you’re lifting a bar overhead or doing deadlifts, having a strong core will keep you from hyperextending or rounding and allow you to stay in a safe position.

Post Core Strengthening Exercises

After a competition or workout that went heavy on the abs, Noah likes to focus on recovering his hip flexors. So many core exercises rely on the hip flexors to flex and extend the trunk, so it’s common for them to get sore and fatigued. To get those hip flexors back to normal, Noah uses the Marc Pro, placing one pad on the hip and the other on the quad or a little bit lower on the hips, centered around that hip flexor area.

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