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Sore Legs? Try these Recovery Strategies from Kelly Starrett

One of the things that is problematic with training today is that athletes train hard and don’t rest as much as they should. Kelly Starrett works with many elite and recreational athletes on a daily basis and has seen the effects of overtraining first-hand. To support the desire to train hard and train consistently, Kelly Starrett recommends using Marc Pro for recovery to combat overused and sore legs. With Marc Pro, athletes are able to accelerate the recovery process when they are relaxing at the end of the day.

“If you’re not using a Marc Pro, you’re not going to be able to handle the kinds of volume that your coaches are programming and stay ahead of that volume.”


sore legsKelly Starrett sees a lot of cyclists and runners blowing out their quads. With high training volumes and little downtime, it’s easy for athletes to push to the point of overuse. Using the quadriceps pad placement is an easy recovery remedy to get your legs feeling better for the next day’s training.

First, take one of the lead wires and place one pad right inside your VMO and the other on your vastus lateralis. Repeat the same setup on your other leg with the second lead wire. Turn up the intensity until you get good, solid contractions.

Global Leg Flush | Kelly Starrett’s Alternate Placement

If your entire legs are feeling worked, try using Kelly Starrett’s global leg flush alternative. Place one sore legspad on the arch of the foot and the other on the VMO. Do the same setup on the other leg. Dial up the intensity to a strong but relaxing level.

“There’s no more effective system in the body than the musculature contracting to move fluid up the lymphatics and to bring blood and nutrients back in to worked tissues.”

Quadriceps vs. Global Leg Flush

Choosing which pad placement option is going to work best depends on you. For those who are dealing with specific quad issues or just did a workout that was heavy on the quads, the quad pad placement would be the one to choose. For those who are in need of general sore legs recovery and aren’t dealing with any specific issue or weak link, the global leg flush is the recommended setup to recover muscles and prevent overuse injuries.