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Learn the Ropes | Kat Swindell Shares Her Tips for Rope Climbs

No matter what type of athlete you are, rope climbs are a great full body movement that increases grip strength and improves agility. Kat Swindell of Primitive Athletics, shares her two big tips for rope climbing. If you have never done a rope climb before or if you just want to become more efficient, these two tips can help you get to the next level.

How Can You Conquer the Rope Climb?

1. Full Body Movement

When doing rope climbs, it’s common for people to rely on their arm strength. However, rope climbing is a fully body movement. When doing this exercise, try utilizing your feet and legs to assist in the climb. This will help you get higher a lot quicker, and with less effort, as opposed to just relying on your upper body strength.

2. Establish the Bight

rope climbsThe bight will help tremendously with your rope climbs. What is the bight exactly? The bight is the U-shape you create with the rope. This is essentially a loose knot that you form with your feet to provide leverage to your lower extremities. Once you establish your bight, you then want grab tightly with your hands, slightly loosen your feet so they can glide up the rope (but still assume the bight position), and tuck. Once you’ve tucked all the way, tighten the bight and use your legs to push your body up the rope. After you have found your position, continue the pattern of tuck, bight, and push. When Kat does rope climbs, she will jump a little and grab the rope up high to gain some leverage with her arms. This allows her to establish her bight right from the get-go.

Just remember, establish your bight and use your full body. If you follow these two tips, you will have no problem doing consecutive rope climbs or completing a high number of them.

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