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Peloton Magazine: Active Recovery With Marc Pro

active recoveryRecovery has become a huge buzzword in the fitness community in recent years. Athletes of all sports are starting to realize the importance of recovery, not only for improving their performance but also for health and injury prevention purposes.

What is Active Recovery?

If you have ever watched the Tour de France, you know that riders don’t just stop after each stage is over- they hop on the trainer. Why? These competitive cyclists are taking advantage of the time immediately following the race to reap the benefits of active recovery. For those who aren’t familiar with this principle, active recovery is the process of contracting muscles in order to bring fresh blood and nourishment into the area and flush out the waste through the lymphatic system. This muscle activation is the key facilitator for all stages of the recovery process. Forms of active recovery include a light spin, jog, swim, or hike- the key is that the activity is light and doesn’t cause any additional fatigue to muscles.

Why is it Important?

What many people don’t realize is that recovery is an important part of any fitness routine, whether you are sore and in pain or not. The bottom line is most athletes are not recovering sufficiently, which means they are leaving themselves prone to overuse injuries, using improper biomechanics, and are not getting the most out of their training sessions. Every cyclist knows, when your legs feel better you can go harder and longer on the bike day after day Not only does this create exponential fitness benefits, it’s just more fun.

Limitations of Active Recovery

The biggest limitation with traditional active recovery is that you can only do so much active recovery before muscles start to become fatigued and break down again. When the goal is to recover muscles, the last thing you want to do is put any more stress on them. Plus, for most of us trying to get the most out of a busy schedule, a light spin or jog after an already time-consuming workout isn’t a viable option.

Benefits of Marc Pro

For athletes who want the best recovery possible or don’t have additional time to set aside for recovery techniques, Marc Pro is the answer. Marc Pro is the only electronic muscle stimulator that creates a strong, yet non-fatiguing muscle contraction. The device uses a patented technology which allows for the most effective, efficient, and convenient recovery.

“Even if you’re not trying to win the Tour de France, riding faster and farther is just more fun. That’s why active recovery with Marc Pro has become an integral part of so many riders workouts.”

In this video, Peloton Magazine discusses the importance of active recovery and benefits of Marc Pro.



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