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Outside Online Investigates: Should I Use an E-Stim Device?

If you are a serious athlete looking to reach fitness goals, increase strength, and could benefit from faster workout recovery, then the answer is yes!  Outside Online breaks down the facts about muscle stimulator devices.   From how different e-stim devices work to choosing a product, the writer gave some detailed information perfect for anyone new to or skeptical about e-stim devices.  Cedric Bryant, PhD, exercise scientist and chief science officer for the American College of Exercise said about e-stim, “It’s basically turning on one of the body’s natural mechanisms for promoting healing and active recovery.”  But the benefits don’t stop there, the Outside Online article went on to mention…

Over time, e-stim can even increase muscle strength and size.  A 2013 study found similar results using the Marc Pro: Athletes who used the devices on their calves for 10 weeks had increased strength gains and reduced feelings of fatigue.

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