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Marc Pro Athletes: What Do You Love About Post-Workout Recovery?

post-workout recoveryThe Marc Pro athletes want to share the love. Part of that love culminates with the exhilaration of finishing a workout and the next steps in post-workout recovery. We asked our ambassadors to share their favorite part about post-workout recovery and why it’s so important to them.

“What Do You Love About Post-Workout Recovery?”

Amanda Burrill

“What I love most about recovery is the feeling of accomplishment; knowing I gave a great effort. Basking in that, “Crushed it!” feeling while wearing Marc, usually on my upper back, is a reward. I work out in the mornings and that feeling really helps set up the day. Now that I’m post-surgery, I am back to a lot of world travel. So, Marc and me, hugging the map really makes sense. LOVE!”

Jordan Hasay

“I love the feeling of pushing my body to its limits both mentally and physically during a tough track session. It is during the hardest moments I like to visualize a feeling of relaxation- hence, I visualize myself lounging on my couch post-workout with a nice meal and my Marc pro positioned in the global leg recovery mode! This helps me chill out post session and thinking of this helps me through the rough patches- I love my job so much and I’m thankful that Marc pro keeps me healthy and recovered so I can work hard daily.”

Phil Mooney

“I love the feeling of exhaustion, and the feeling that I’ve earned a relaxing afternoon of reading on the couch with the Marc Pro pumping. I also love knowing that with the right recovery I’ll get to do it all over again soon!”

Brian MacKenzie

“Man wants to evolve by doing less. In the sense of “training” we workout to then relax, and although that’s how it works, the ability to still move after training is and has been documented as paramount. Our lymphatic systems don’t work unless we move. This is where the Marc Pro allows us to keep the system moving without doing much more than putting some pads on the affected area and turning on an intensity that allows the tissue to pump all that waste away.”

Emily Bridgers

“I LOVE watching trashy shows about LOVE (the Bachelor) while recovering with the Marc Pro at night! I love getting my mind off of everything while still putting in the necessary recovery for the next day of training.”

Jon Penaloza

“I love post-workout recovery because I know it will help me stay consistent and nail tomorrow’s workout.”

Sam Bassetti

“The thing I love most about recovery is the relaxation. I love getting to kick back, get the legs pumping with the Marc Pro and just relax. Recovering from a race is a great excuse to lay around and do nothing!”

Sam Boardman

“Honestly, my favorite part about recovery post-workout is eating. No meal is as satisfying–or justified–as the massive one eaten after absolutely burying yourself on a long and grueling ride or race with your teammates. Get me a burrito the size of a small child and hook me up to my Marc Pro at full blast, and I will be a very happy man.”

Ben Ragains

“As a city boy, I can’t say for sure, but maybe the physical and mental sensations are akin to what a farmer feels after a long day of work. Building on something greater keeps me moving, whether it’s a season’s harvest or a peak for a set of big races- having a greater purpose makes the early mornings and long days full of reward. When the work is over for the day- we come home, wipe our brow and sometimes can barely find the energy to unlace our boots. However, the sense of accomplishment and strange excitement for tomorrow quickly come when we finally get to kiss our loved ones, put those tired legs up and recover from a hard day’s work- knowing tomorrow would only be harder had we not tackled today.”

Torey Philipp

“For what I love about post ride recovery, I love having a hard workout behind me and being able to hook up the Marc Pro and kick back with my feet up chowing down on my favorite snack. It doesn’t get much better than that. Total relaxation.”

Chris Harland-Dunaway

“When I’m recovering, I stop thinking about being an athlete, and change headspaces. I become a journalist again. The Marc Pro helps me bridge from one mindset to another because I use it while I work so frequently. Its a huge part of my work-life balance.”

Justin Mauch

“For me, the best part of recovery post riding is laying down, relaxing using the Marc Pro and knowing that you’ve put in the work you’ll need when it comes time late in a race. I’m a big fan of taking naps after training. Ride. Eat. Nap.”