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Introducing Jordan Hasay – Olympic Hopeful Runner & Newest Marc Pro Athlete

jordan hasayThe Marc Pro team is proud to announce our newest Marc Pro athlete, Jordan Hasay. Jordan is renowned in the running community as a distance standout, qualifying for the 2013 World Track and Field Championships in the 10,000m.

Jordan has been struggling this year with foot pain, and has been using the Marc Pro Plus, combining low and high frequencies for recovery treatments. We caught up with Jordan to learn more about her training, recovery, and her plans leading into 2016.

What attracted you to Marc Pro?

Jordan Hasay: I actually first found out about the Marc Pro from a recovery lounge in Shell Beach, California called Moore Recovery. I had used electrical stimulation before, but never really found it to be that effective. I was attracted to the Marc Pro Plus because of the different intensities and I think being able to combine low and high frequency into one treatment is really key. After the first couple days of trying it out, I was hooked!

How have you found the device useful?

Jordan Hasay: I really feel like the device helps to flush out my foot/ankle after a hard workout. I have mainly focused on my foot because I am recovering from injury but I can’t wait to start experimenting with the global leg flush and other positions as I think this will aid in recovery and help me to stay injury free.

When and how do you typically use the device?

Jordan Hasay: I use the device after I run, typically for 30-40 min in the late morning and then again in the evening. What’s nice is I can just put it on low frequency while reading a book or eating dinner and leave it on for hours! If I am feeling specific pain, I will put high frequency on that area and it is amazing how much the pain calms down.

jordan hasayHow has Marc Pro helped you manage your pain?

Jordan Hasay: I truly believe that without the Marc Pro, my plantar fasciitis would not have fully healed as well as it has. I am lucky to have discovered the device about a week after I began running again after a month long hiatus due to the plantar fasciitis pain being so bad. I still had quite a bit of thickness/scar tissue through my foot but in these past 1-2 months my foot basically looks normal again thanks to the Marc Pro helping to flush things out. I think it also has helped recondition the muscles around my arch/ankle, which were not moving that well when I first returned to training.

Had you ever used any technology like the Marc Pro before?

Jordan Hasay: No! The Marc Pro is really different and unique from any other technology. I don’t think a lot of the running community knows about the product yet, so hopefully word can travel fast so others can benefit as I have!

Do you have any races coming up that you would like to share?

Jordan Hasay: I am hoping to race on Thanksgiving Day in a road race and then will have a few other road/cross country races in December before beginning an early indoor track season.

The Marc Pro team wishes Jordan the best of luck with training as she begins to ramp up her season. If you have a question for Jordan about how she uses the Marc Pro, send us a tweet @theMarcPro