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Want to Learn How to Deadlift? Use this 10-Step Guide from Ben Smith

how to deadliftLearning how to deadlift doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Crossfit Games Athlete Ben Smith teaches you how to deadlift as efficiently as possible.

Why is the Deadlift Useful?

One of the best parts about the deadlift is that it’s a simple, yet effective functional fitness exercise. The deadlift targets muscles in the lower and upper body so it’s a great way to strengthen multiple muscle groups at the same time. Incorporating the deadlift also provides benefits for real life applications outside of the gym. Doing daily activities (ie. carrying bags) feels much easier when your body is trained for it.

10-Step Guide for How to Deadlift

1. Grab a barbell and place it on the ground

2. Step up to the barbell and place feet underneath

3. Feet should be placed so that when you look down at the bar, your feet are cut exactly in half. If you’re too close to the bar, when you go down to pick it up your shins will hit and the bar will move away. From there, you will have to readjust your position.

4. Before grabbing the bar, it’s important to get into a good position and create tension in your body. To do this, Ben Smith suggests the following: Stand nice and tall, fill your stomach with air (hold as you go down into the starting position), and keep tension in your midline and stomach.

5. Maintain your good position and keep your back neutral as you bend down to pick up the bar.

6. Grab the bar. You can use an over, under, or a mixed grip for this.

7. Once grip is set, build some tension by leaning back to the point where the bar is almost coming off the floor.

8. Push through your heels and pull the bar up to towards your hips while straightening your legs.

9. Stand up tall. Try to get your shoulders as upright as you can, this will make the exercise more beneficial.

10. Lower barbell back onto the floor and repeat.