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Brian Theiss | Preparing for the Journey Across America

brian theissIn April 2017, Darren Kavinoky and Kyle Gaffney took off from Santa Monica, CA. They headed towards their end destination of New York City. The goal was to run, bike, and do whatever it would take to make their way across America.  In order to prepare themselves for the strenuous journey ahead, both Darren and Kyle had to take their training very seriously. They turned to fitness specialist Brian Theiss to put together a comprehensive program that would train their bodies to withstand massive intensity and endurance levels.

Brian Theiss has been involved in sports performance and corporate wellness for 31 years. In 2016, he opened TheissCare, which focuses on providing individuals with a comprehensive program. Brian takes age, disease, lifestyle, stressors, etc. into consideration while developing a personalized fitness plan.

Step 1: Getting the Athletes Ready

The journey that Darren and Kyle were about to complete was going to require them to get to a level that most professional athletes train for their whole lives. Each athlete had their own unique characteristics and physical abilities. Both were also in different age categories- Darren in his 50s, Kyle in his 20s. In a relatively short amount of time, Brian Theiss had to develop a separate program for each individual. They needed to greatly increase their muscular endurance while keeping their bodies healthy.

brian theissStep 2: Keeping the Athletes Healthy

When you’re doing anywhere between 60-110 miles a day, the abuse on your body is massive. With high training volumes, recovery becomes a critical component of the process. To keep their bodies healthy throughout the journey, Darren and Kyle used Marc Pro daily.

Brian Explains the Benefits of Marc Pro

Marc Pro is an easy-to-use tool that drastically improves recovery, enhances performance, and prevents overuse injuries. Brian shares that it’s not a theory or hypothesis, it’s backed by real evidence. For 31 years, Brian has prided himself on only sharing info and products with his clients that are supported by the best science.

“It’s able to execute muscle contractions at a very reduced, low rate where the body is aware of it and you get the benefits of recovering; but it doesn’t produce such a metabolic effect that it becomes toxic or difficult or painful- and that’s great science.”

Marc Pro uses a unique technology that is able to produce non-fatiguing muscle contractions, which are ideal for recovery. Muscle activation is the key facilitator for all stages of the recovery process. However, many other methods that create muscle activation also cause fatigue after a short period of time, which is counterproductive for recovery. Marc Pro can be used as long as needed without causing fatigue to ensure a full recovery, which is great for athletes like Darren and Kyle who pushed their limits every day.

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