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Injury Prevention in Sports: Why do Athletes Choose Marc Pro?

injury preventionInjuries are nearly impossible to avoid in sports. With high intensity and high impact activities, injuries can be a fairly common occurrence. However, did you know that nearly half of all athlete injuries can be prevented? Overtraining, also known as overuse, causes a majority of the injuries that occur in sports. But, by taking the right recovery measures, it is possible to prevent injuries that develop due to overuse.

The Key to Dealing with Overuse

Professional and recreational athletes are pushing their bodies harder than ever before. Whether it’s getting ready for the World Series or going for a daily workout at the gym, everyone has goals for what they want to achieve. Reaching goals requires a lot of hard work and consistency, which can ultimately lead to overtraining when injury prevention measures are not a part of the process.

During exercise, muscles break down. When an athlete trains consistently without allowing their body to recover in between, their muscles continue to break down. Eventually, your muscles can’t handle any more stress. Not only can this lead directly to an injury, but it can also lead to improper biomechanics. The best thing you can do for overuse is allow your body to recover. During the recovery process, muscles are able to rebuild and get stronger. Recovery is the key to combating overuse and preventing injuries.

Injury Prevention Strategies

Once an athlete is adequately hydrated, nourished, and rested, the most effective recovery method is active recovery. Active recovery is the process of activating muscles in order to bring blood and nourishment to the damaged tissue, remove waste from the area, produce/release myokines to rebuild tissue, and optimally remodel the new tissue. Muscle activation is the only way to achieve all four of these goals. However, there is a fine line between muscle activation for recovery and muscle activation for exercise, so it’s important to know how much is too much.

Marc Pro is an active recovery tool that provides muscles activation without the fatigue. Over 100 professional teams and countless elite athletes use Marc Pro because it doesn’t fatigue their muscles. Athletes are able to fully and quickly recover so they can stay injury free and perform at their best while still training on a consistent basis. Marc Pro can also be used as a warm up tool so you can loosen up muscles before going into a workout, game, or competition.

“The biggest thing for me personally has been using the Marc Pro on a daily basis.”- Josh Tomlin, pitcher for the Cleveland Indians on using Marc Pro for recovery and injury prevention

“Marc pro is my modality of choice to accomplish that, which means it will reduce fatigue time of my players, keep them on the floor, working at a higher level, for a longer period of time.”- Gary Vitti, Head Athletic Trainer at the Los Angeles Lakers for 32 years

“One of the greatest values of Marc Pro and recovery is it cuts the micro trauma off at the knees. By the time you get to the next workout, you’re recovered and ready to do it.” – John Schaeffer, Olympic & Pro Trainer

“The bottom line is, if you’re recovering better you’re going to perform better. I was looking for the best way to recover and I found that to be Marc Pro.” – Noah Ohlsen, 5x Crossfit Games Athlete

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