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Why Does Active Recovery Matter to Me?

active recovery

The language of the fitness world is constantly changing with new terms and buzzwords: biohacking, red light therapy, nootropics, massage guns, etc.

As the boundaries of fitness evolve, one of the most constant and enduring elements of health remains: active recovery. What does ‘active recovery’ mean and how can you use it to your advantage to excel at your sport or enhance your own workouts?

How Does Active Recovery Help?

Strenuous workouts and exercise damage muscles. The body responds to damage with various mechanisms that make up recovery. Muscle recovery includes:

  • Bringing nourishment to the muscles
  • Removing waste
  • Producing and releasing myokines
  • Remodeling repaired tissues

Active recovery is the activation of muscles (mechanical stress) to optimize tissue repair, without producing more fatigue or damage. Light jogging, swimming, cycling, and yoga are all viable options.

active recovery

The difficulty with these activities is that they can easily pass the point of recovery and descend into a workout. Instead of promoting muscle repair, muscle damage and resource consumption increases. This is why Marc Pro claims to have perfected active recovery.

Active Recovery Perfected

Both the Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus are muscle stimulators that harness the power of active recovery. The specific parameters of the Marc Pro waveform activate tired and sore muscles for all the benefits of muscle activation without the risk of further damage or fatigue. Instead of running or swimming, which may put additional stress on tendons and joints and burn energy, Marc Pro averts the potential downfalls of active recovery and cuts straight to the benefits.

Muscle recovery without built-up fatigue rewards athletes with proper biomechanics, decreased risk of injury, and superior performance. Psychologically, the Marc Pro has a significant advantage as well. Athletes thrash themselves daily with demanding workouts, why not take a break with a favorite TV show and still reap recovery benefits.

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