Heather Jackson

Pro Triathlete

"I use my Marc Pro 3-4 times per day and love that I can use it while eating, reading, watching TV and even on flights during travel."

Scott Panchik

CrossFit Games Athlete

"Allowing me to recover quickly and get back at it, the Marc Pro has become part of my training regimen that I will not go a day without."


You Put in the Time, Marc Pro Makes it Count

If you’re going to make the effort to train regularly, you might think about putting more energy into recovery. Recovery deficits can cause you to plateau, regress, or even worse, get injured. By enhancing the recovery process with Marc Pro, you can maximize the gains from your training and improve your performance. Learn More

Hit Your Trouble Spots Before They Hit You

Recovering with Marc Pro can provide major benefits, but proactively conditioning with it can do much more. Regularly use Marc Pro on your weak links and trouble areas during downtime, and fix problems that usually cause you to hit a wall mid-workout. Consistent use of Marc Pro generates new blood vessels, so your body delivers more oxygen and removes more waste in the treated region 24/7. The longer it takes for your muscles to break down, the harder you can push, the further you can go. Learn More

Overused Equals Under Recovered

The quality of your workout is directly related to the the recovery from your last training session. A lack of soreness doesn’t mean you’re fully recovered or that your energy is where it could be. Not fully recovering between workouts bleeds energy and is the cause of many overuse or overtraining injuries. Conditioning and recovering with Marc Pro keeps your body primed so you maximize results, help prevent injuries, and feel your best. Learn More

Don’t Let Pain Stop You

If you’ve recovered, but are left with more nagging aches and pain from exercise or your daily activities, Marc Pro Plus can keep you moving. Whether it’s back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, or leg pain, Marc Pro Plus can provide lasting pain relief from a 30 minute session. Once pain and the potentially related muscle tension subsides, recovery and conditioning with the standard Marc Pro setting can be more comfortable and effective. Learn More