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What is Marc Pro

Marc Pro is the most effective recovery tool available. Our exclusive technology makes it easy to recover faster, perform at your best, and keep your body healthy and active.

Marc Pro is the only recovery tool that activates every stage of the recovery process without fatiguing muscles for true physiological improvement. Getting the best results is easy with unlimited coaching calls that personalize your experience.
What is Marc Pro

Marc Pro
Recovery Benefits

Recover Faster

Speed the body's natural recovery process through advanced active recovery.


A lack of recovery leads to overuse. Marc Pro will allow you to recover faster and more fully to prevent overuse injuries, without compromising your training schedule


Research shows that regularly using Marc Pro results in improved vascularity. These better conditioned muscles are able to do more work and last longer before they break down.


Overuse and fatigue often leads to improper biomechanics, by using Marc Pro to improve your recovery, you can ensure proper body mechanics

Relieve Exercise Related Pain with Marc Pro Plus

Significant and lasting pain relief is achieved with Marc Pro Plus.


When your body is recovered and feeling good you can give 100%


Research shows that adding Marc Pro sessions after training improves your gains by allowing the recovery cycle to more fully complete


Significant and lasting pain relief is achieved with Marc Pro Plus.

Recovery Anywhere, Anytime

Recovery Anywhere, Anytime

Marc Pro is a handheld, portable recovery solution for home, work, or travel. Easily and comfortably target sore and overworked muscles throughout your day.

Why Marc Pro Is The Best

Personalized Coaching

No guesswork needed with US based one-on-one support for your sport and activities.

Most Comfortable

With a focus on recovery rather than strength programs our tech doesn't feel electrical and never fatigues muscles for the most relaxing and effective experience.

Easiest To Use

One setting accomplishes all of our goals simultaneously, making complicated programs unnecessary.

Most Durable

Marc Pro is a professional grade recovery tool used by athletes in every sport; backed by an industry leading 3-year warranty.

Exclusive Technology

Nothing shares Marc Pro’s patented and proven recovery technology.

Trusted At Every Level

Trusted At Every Level

  • Used by 100+ pro teams
  • Used by 500+ college teams
  • Used by 120,000+ athletes around the country
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Technology and Comparison

Dive deep into the unique technology that makes Marc Pro the most simple and effective recovery and performance device.

How Marc Pro & the Recovery Process Works

Discover why active recovery is essential to performance and how Marc Pro is active recovery perfected.

Proven By Science
Backed By Results

Our patented technology uses the science of active recovery to deliver results unlike any other recovery tool, guaranteed.