What Is
Marc Pro

Marc Pro is a cutting-edge EMS device that delivers the most effective muscle recovery available. Our patented technology creates non-fatiguing muscle activation, which is scientifically proven to enhance each stage of the muscle recovery process. Marc Pro makes it easy to recover faster, perform at your best, and keep your body healthy and active for the future. 

WhyActive Recovery Matters

Research shows that muscle activation is the key facilitator for all stages of the body’s natural recovery process,
which means using ice, compression boots, or foam rolling are not very effective for improving your recovery.
Your body requires movement (aka active recovery) to rebuild after a workout or intense activity.

HowMarc Pro Can Help You

A relaxing 30-60 minute session with Marc Pro,
several times per week, allows you to:

Recover Faster

Speed the body's natural recovery process
through advanced active recovery

Perform At Your Best

When your body is recovered and feeling
good you can give 100%

Maintain Proper Biomechanics

Overuse and fatigue often leads to improper
biomechanics, by using Marc Pro to improve your
recovery, you can ensure proper body mechanics

Prevent Overuse Injuries

A lack of recovery leads to overuse. Marc Pro will
allow you to recover faster and more fully to prevent
overuse injuries, without compromising your
training schedule

Relieve Exercise Related Pain

Significant and lasting pain relief is achieved
with Marc Pro Plus.

Maximize Training Gains

Research shows that adding Marc Pro sessions
after training improves your gains by allowing the
recovery cycle to more fully complete

Improve Conditioning

Research shows that regularly using Marc Pro results
in improved vascularity. These better conditioned
muscles are able to do more work and last longer
before they break down.

Use Anywhere, Anytime

Marc Pro is portable and convenient to use while at home, work, or traveling. There's never a bad time to get in a recovery session with Marc Pro.

Marc Pro In Action

Marc Pro is trusted by professional, collegiate, and recreational athletes,
but anyone can benefit from using the device.

Fitness Enthusiasts

Functional Fitness

Sport Specific

30 MLB Teams

200+ MLB Pitchers

22 NBA Teams

21 NFL Teams

20 NHL Teams

Behind the science

Marc Pro was created out of 30 years of electronic stimulation device experience and research to bring professional grade muscle recovery and pain relief to everyone who needs it. Our proprietary technology drives significant impact and more effective results than any other device on the market.

  • 3 published, peer-reviewed research studies
  • 96% of customers feel more recovered
  • 0 common side effects with using Marc Pro

Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus make a healthy lifestyle possible for everyone. Our vision is to make muscle recovery simple and available, making it possible to do more of the things you love …better.

Technology and Comparison

Dive deep into the unique technology that makes Marc Pro the most simple and effective recovery and performance device.

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How Marc Pro & the Recovery Process Works

Learn why active recovery is essential to performance, and discover how Marc Pro is active recovery perfected.

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