Kelly Starrett
& Marc Pro

Partnering to Recover Better, Train Smarter, Prevent Injury, Enjoy Performance Gains and Practice Self Maintenance.

Kelly Starrett is a coach, physical therapist, author, and speaker who has revolutionized how athletes think about movement and athletic performance.

Kelly Starrett: Behind the movement that helps people live better
What is Marc Pro
Non-fatiguing muscle contractions. Incredible recovery.
Understanding Active Recovery
The benefits of limitless non-exercise activity

“Why does Marc Pro put such a big emphasis on recovery? The benefits of muscle recovery are astounding. When your body is able to recover, you’re not only prepared to take on the next workout and give your best effort, you also get the most from the training you already did.”

Drug Free Pain Relief
Manage localized tissue trauma and remove pain symptoms.
Self Maintenance
Improve how you body feels and functions.

“Marc Pro rebuilds your broken and fatigued muscles so you can be ready for the next workout, feel at the top of your game, and sustain activity while keeping your body healthy.”

Who is Marc Pro For
Soreness/Mechanical Input
Neuromuscular Connection
Simulate Movement
Concierge Service
Two Frequencies
Sneaking in Recovery
Marc Pro
Recover & Condition
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Marc Pro Plus
Recover & Condition
Pain Relief
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