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Why These Athletes Use Marc Pro

At Marc Pro, we believe in the importance of recovery from hard workouts to the everyday stressors that each body encounters. From sitting in an office chair all day, to hitting the trails hard as a weekend warrior, the body needs to recover. Most individuals do not know the recovery deficit that they are in, and what that lack of recovery does to overall energy levels on a consistent basis.

We asked the Marc Pro ambassadors a simple question: Why do you use the Marc Pro? Our goal was to learn more about how using the Marc Pro makes an impact on daily life and training for key influencers, and how these recovery tips could be useful for everyone. Learn more about what Jordan Hasay, Sara Hendershot, Bryan Mineo, and Amanda Burrill had to say about using the Marc Pro!

Jordan Hasay, 2016 Olympic Hopeful

“Right now I have 7 weeks until the Olympic Trials and the Marc Pro is part of my daily routine. I have two runs per day every day, except for on my long run day. My typical routine includes a morning run, stretches, then I eat lunch followed by relaxing before a nap while using my Marc Pro. I target any areas that feel sore/tight. This helps me recover before my second run of the day. I love the Marc Pro because I can easily adjust it around for various treatments.”


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Sara Hendershot, 2012 Olympian & 2016 Olympic Hopeful

“I train so much and so hard that there’s no way to stay ahead of my recovery by being passive. I have to actively seek out ways to speed up my recovery, and I have found that the Marc Pro is the easiest and most effective way to do that. I would call it my #1 training edge over competitors.”


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Bryan Mineo

“My Marc Pro is my reset button each night after hours spent in the ocean and running on the beach. It’s been paramount in managing my chronic low-back issues.”

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Amanda Burrill

“I was in a cast for a total of five months so you better believe that after all that my foot was atrophied beyond belief. My left foot was a lump of jelly! In addition to physical therapy strengthening and stretches, I’ve been using my Marc Pro to stimulate the muscles between my foot’s metatarsals. I also used it on my poor shrunken calf, which ended up bouncing back to normal size within a month. Injuries are frustrating but the best you can do is make the most of recovery and come back even better!”

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