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Marc Pro User Tip: When to Use it to Help Speed Up Muscle Recovery Time

When to Use Marc Pro

This months tip, “When to use Marc Pro” stems from a question asked of me yesterday from a patient of mine who owns one. He is a hockey player and was asking when is the best time to use it. I asked him when does he use it now? He said, “When I think about it, which is once a week.”

So here is my tip: If you worked out once a week, would you get stronger? If you focused on your job once a week, would that help you become more successful? No. Then how can using the Marc Pro once a week help your body recover better, faster, stronger?

The answer, it can’t. So when do you use the Marc Pro? Instead of ice or heat, use the Marc Pro. After activity, use the Marc Pro. After long plane flights, long drives, long day at the desk-use the Marc Pro.

The Marc Pro creates blood flow, using it often creates angiogenesis (creation or addition of more capillaries). More blood flow allows the body to detox and new nutrients to flood the muscles and surrounding tissue. Pitchers are using the Marc Pro between innings to keep their shoulders healthy and recovered so they can maintain a good showing on the mound. Cross Fit athletes are using the Marc Pro to recover between WODs. Cyclist are using the Marc Pro after their rides to refresh their legs.

Since its battery powered use it on the drive home, at the office and or on the side lines. For you motocrossers and rock climbers, use it on your forearms daily to develop more capillaries to help decrease arm pump.

Marc Pro Use Tip brought to you by:

Dr. Terry Weyman, Chiropractic Sports Institute