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What are you Drinking These Days? Here are the Hot Trends in Healthy Drinks

trends in healthy drinksFood is important nourishment for the human body, but drinks are also vital. It is critical that you hydrate yourself with the right types of beverages, whether you are a serious athlete or just a casual fitness enthusiast. There are several trends in healthy drinks that you should keep in mind if you want to live as healthy a life as possible. Here are some of the top trending drinks for people working toward achieving their fitness goals.

Coconut water

There are several benefits of coconut water: it is high in dietary fiber, has plenty of potassium, and will help keep you hydrated. Many athletes enjoy the taste of coconut water more than sports drinks or regular water, which can provide an additional benefit for competitive athletes and casual fitness buffs. Coconut water is also frequently used as a base for healthy smoothies and other types of beverages.

Maple water

Maple water is one of the hottest new drinks on the market for athletes and others who are interested in drinks that will help them perform at the highest possible level. It is a great choice for someone who wants a sweeter drink that isn’t packed with calories. Although some people think that maple water is simply one of the passing trends in healthy drinks, other people swear by it. Its availability is limited since it can only be harvested from maple trees during a certain period of the spring.

Birch tree water

Birch tree water is similar to maple water; it is harvested from birch trees in the early spring and is also one of the popular new trends in healthy drinks. Some proponents of birch tree water even claim that it can cure diseases, from bronchitis to arthritis. Birch tree water contains saponin, which is great for the immune system. It has a unique taste that some may prefer to coconut or maple water.

Protein shakes

Even the most casual fitness enthusiasts today know that protein is an important nutrient. It keeps the body functioning properly, allows muscles to repair themselves, and functions as a foundation of most cells. Because of how important protein is, many nutrition companies have developed drinks such as shakes and waters that contain a lot of protein. While these drinks aren’t necessary for getting enough protein, they can be helpful for a bodybuilder or other type of athlete who needs to take in a large amount of the nutrient and has a limited amount of time in which to do so. These drinks are often flavored with chocolate, vanilla, and other kinds of appealing tastes.

What are you drinking? It has more of an impact on your fitness than you may think. If you aren’t sure about exactly what types of beverages are right for you, start with this list and experiment to find one that you like best. Remember to also choose your drink based on the types of nutrients that you need. With the right kind of beverages to fuel your workout and the proper approach to recovery, you can get the very best out of your body in a healthy and natural way.