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Marc Pro Use Tip: Warming Up

Warming Up With Marc Pro

This is a great tip for warming up with the Marc Pro after being stationary for a period of time before your workout.

“We all know to use the Marc Pro as a post workout recovery devise. However, many athletes forget that the rules of recovery also apply to preparation. If you have been sitting in a car, at work, or in a plane, use the Marc Pro before your workout to get the blood flowing to the area you want to train. Prior to your next workout, target the muscles you are going to train and use Marc Pro for 10-15 minutes prior to the workout. Since you don’t fatigue the muscle groups (due to Marc Pro’s unique wave form), it’s a perfect way to wake up and prepare the muscles for activity and reduce the chance of injury. Then after, of course, you will use Marc Pro for recovery.”

-Dr. Terry Weyman, D.C., C.C.S.P.
Chiropractic Sports Institute