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Why Every Competitive Athlete Should Be Using Electrical Muscle Stimulation to Enhance Recovery and Performance

Athletes today have the benefit of advanced biotechnology that allows them to keep their bodies in the best possible condition and perform at higher levels for longer periods of time. Developments in fields of sports medicine such as workout techniques, nutrition guidelines, and medical procedures have all allowed athletes to become stronger and faster. Using electrical muscle stimulation to improve recovery and performance is one of the most important concepts for today’s athletes who want to get the most out of their body and compete at a higher level.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Defined

Electrical muscle stimulation occurs when the body’s muscles are contracted by an electric pulse. Devices used for electrical muscle stimulation usually work by sending signals through electrodes that are attached to the skin close to the muscles where treatment is desired.

Biological Benefits Of Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Why is electrical muscle stimulation to improve recovery and performance so effective? The answer lies in the way electrical muscle stimulation makes muscle contractions affect the body’s natural processes. Specifically, a device like the Marc Pro electronic muscle conditioning device stimulates muscle contractions. When muscles contract, Nitric Oxide is activated in the bloodstream, which makes the blood vessels open up to increase the efficiency of the flow of nourishment into the muscles of the body.
The release of Nitric Oxide also leads to a process in the body known as angiogenesis, where new blood vessels are created. As these new capillaries are created, muscles can be fueled more efficiently with the nutrients that they need, which improves both healing and recovery after using the Marc Pro.

Who Is Using Electrical Muscle Stimulation?

Because of the way electrical muscle stimulation helps improve muscle performance and recovery, devices that provide this kind of treatment are used by a range of athletes in different fields. Basketball players, cyclists, climbers and motocross riders have all experienced firsthand the benefits of using electrical muscle stimulation to improve recovery and performance. Some of the most well-known users of electrical muscle stimulation technology include:

  • Gary Vitti, head trainer for the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers. Vitti has been a trainer in the league for nearly 30 years and is recognized as one of the best athletic trainers in the NBA.
  • Jim McCrossin, head athletic trainer and strength and conditioning coach for the Philadelphia Flyers of the NHL. McCrossin has been with the Flyers for almost 18 years and serves on the Mid-Atlantic States Advisory Board for Strength and Conditioning.
  • Al Vermeil, renowned strength and athletic trainer who has worked with prominent organizations like the Denver Broncos and New York Giants of the NFL, the Stanford University Sports Medicine department, and the United States Army Rangers.

These are just a few of the many people who have recognized the benefits of using electrical muscle stimulation to improve recovery and performance. The development of electrical muscle stimulation technology has had a positive impact on many different kinds of athletes all over the world. If you are an elite athlete looking to perform your best, reduce the downtime between your workouts, and get more gains from your current training program, electrical muscle stimulation is the perfect way to achieve these goals.