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Trending Training Techniques and Tools: Strength Training

strength trainingStrength training is important for anyone who is serious about fitness. Today’s athletes and recreational fitness buffs alike understand how important it can be to improve muscle strength, which will help the body better handle day-to-day tasks and increase performance during both training and competition.

Over the years, some of the techniques and tools used for strength training have changed, but the end goal remains the same: putting strain on the muscles to help them recover and become stronger. Here are some of the current trends in strength training techniques.

Easy Compound Routines

While there are many approaches to strength training, certain types of workout routines incorporating exercises that hit multiple muscle groups have recently become quite popular. Squats, deadlifts, and bench press are all good examples of these compound strength training exercises that allow someone to target several different muscles at once.

This factor, combined with today’s increasing demand on the time of working professionals, has led to the development of some simple routines for those who want to start off with an easy strength training regimen that doesn’t take an extended amount of time to complete.

One great example is the Stronglifts 5×5 plan. This basic routine uses five different free weight exercises and only calls for three workouts a week, making it great for someone who wants a more easy-to-understand technique to gain strength.

Circuit Classes

There are many different popular circuit-style classes being held at gyms around the world for strength training enthusiasts who prefer a more communal routine. These classes often combine strength training with cardiovascular activities, making them great for the person who is looking for a serious challenge. For example, BOSU classes incorporate a half fitness ball that can be used for both aerobic and strength training. Strength training classes also provide a way to keep your training fresh and build a sense of rapport with others who are also pursuing similar fitness goals.

Endurance Events

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, strength training was number two on the list of fitness trends in 2013. As you might expect, group events that involve strength training challenges have also become increasingly popular.

Why have group endurance events become so common? They allow people to compete using obstacle courses or other strength-based activities while also bonding with those who they are competing with or against. Many of these events, such as the Tough Mudder, also include fun parties, food, and live music, which adds a social element to the event.

As with any fitness routine, recovery is also an important element. Making sure your muscles recover from exercise is important for your routine and if you want to improve or compete. Too many athletes and fitness enthusiasts focus their efforts on training methods while neglecting recovery periods. Fortunately, there are some ways to speed muscle recovery so you can keep your body in the best possible shape. A device like the Marc Pro or Marc Pro Plus can help. The Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus are designed to aid in recovery by helping your muscles recover faster through electric muscle stimulation. When used as a part of a sensible, comprehensive recovery plan, the Marc Pro can speed muscle recovery and help you take your physical performance to the next level.

Strength training techniques and tools will always be popular because of how effective they are for improving fitness. Although the trends might change, building muscle and improving functional strength will always be important for those who care about their conditioning.