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Trending Training Techniques and Tools: Bodyweight Training

Training Techniques Tools BodyweightBodyweight training has been popular for quite a long time because of its simplicity: little is required besides the motivation to work out and some space in which to do so.

Thanks to the development of exercise science, today’s athletes can optimize bodyweight exercises to maximize their returns. Here are some examples of effective modern bodyweight training for those who are interested in improving their fitness, even without access to a gym or exercise equipment.

Aerobic and Strength Training Combinations

Bodyweight training techniques are great because they can train both aerobic en
durance and strength. For example, one of the most popular kinds of bodyweight exercises is the burpee, which involves transitioning from a standing position to a squat and then lunging into pushup position, then back to a squat and jumping back to standing.

Another reason that many athletes and fitness enthusiasts enjoy incorporating bodyweight training techniques into their standard regimens is that these exercises can be tweaked slightly to work different parts of the body. Moving one’s hands in a slightly different position, for example, will help you target different muscles of the arms and upper body when doing a pushup.

Easy Access to Fitness

Bodyweight exercises are also popular because they can be used in almost any location. This makes bodyweight exercises great for a busy professional who travels frequently or wants to work out in the place where they work or live.

Because of how easy it is to incorporate bodyweight training techniques into your fitness routine, many local gyms are beginning to offer these programs to their members in creative ways. For example, some bodyweight classes may offer a blending of cardio exercise as well as bodyweight strength exercises like pushups or situps.

Self-Paced Workout Videos

Thanks to the rise of video sharing websites such as YouTube, it is very easy for instructors to release videos to people who are interested in getting instruction without having to physically attend a class. These kinds of training techniques are excellent for the person who wants to set their own pace to truly customize their fitness program.

Bodyweight exercises can be an important workout tool for athletes and others who are simply interested in their health. Whichever type of bodyweight exercise you choose, it is important to give your muscles sufficient rest between competitions or workouts. Getting enough rest and staying hydrated will help with your recovery, as will having the right recovery tools.