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Trending Training Techniques and Tools: Combination Classes

Trending Training Techniques and Tools: Combination ClassesFitness classes are a huge modern trend in the world of exercise. Those who participate in these classes thrive off being able to share their experiences and meet new people who have similar interests. Thanks to the prevalence of these classes, it’s easy to find one that meets your tastes.


As the portmanteau name implies, piloxing is a combination of boxing and Pilates. This kind of workout class is ideal for someone who is interested in a highly unique workout that combines punches and jabs with the body control principles of Pilates. At a piloxing class, you will be able to improve your speed, balance, and power as you build more muscle and shred fat in a fun and interesting way. There are certified piloxing instructors in almost all 50 U.S. states, meaning it is easy to find a class near you.

Hybrid Rowing Exercises

Rowing itself is a great tool for helping you improve your physical fitness: it is low-impact and self-directed, meaning you can row as quickly or as slowly as you wish.
When combined with other forms of exercise such as yoga or strength training, rowing can provide an intense workout that helps build an overall healthier body. Some instructors, for example, will blend rowing motions with certain kinds of stretches or yoga poses, which helps keep things fun and varied. These types of training techniques are ideal for someone who wants to add a fun challenge during rowing sessions, which might get monotonous otherwise.

Dance Classes

It’s probably not what immediately comes to mind when you think of exercise, but dance fitness classes have been scientifically proven to provide the same workout benefits as interval exercise.

Today’s fitness instructors are taking the popularity of dancing and mixing it with a variety of exercises to create some unique combination dance classes that incorporate strength training as well. For example, you might find a class that incorporates bodyweight strength training exercises in between dance routines, which helps train for strength and endurance.

Boot Camps

Boot camps are programs for those who are serious about their fitness. These camps are intensive programs designed to quickly get someone trained for an event or simply to improve their overall health. Unlike other classes, they usually consist of repeated sessions over a series of days or weeks. Each boot camp will have a different blend of exercise types and routines, depending on where you are taking the camp: for example, those in areas close to a beach might participate in beach boot camps that incorporate the natural benefits of working out in sand. Boot camps are best for those who have some experience with fitness: extreme beginners or those with health issues may not be right for this particular type of combination class.

If you are looking for a way to use some unconventional, challenging training to improve your health, combination classes may be exactly what you need. For the type of intense workout that you will get with these classes, it is important that you incorporate recovery into your routine to give your muscles sufficient rest between workouts.

A recovery tool like the Marc Pro or Marc Pro Plus may also be a good option. These devices are designed to help your muscles recover faster through electric muscle stimulation, helping your performance and easing any post-workout symptoms you may have.