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The Whole Life Challenge and Other Game-Based Eating Plans

game-based eating plansAlmost everyone has experienced the frustration of starting an eating plan and then getting off track for one reason or another. While some people struggle with this more than others, from time to time everyone has issues staying the course with an eating plan.

The Whole Life Challenge, invented by fitness entrepreneurs in Southern California, is an attempt to change all that.

The program consists of 56 days where participants must follow the seven WLC Daily Habits, which include things like stretching, at least ten minutes a day of being active, and following a nutrition plan. Players win points for completing tasks like drinking water and following their nutritional guidelines. To win the game, all you have to do is participate, according to the Whole Life Challenge website.

Nutrition contests and games like the Whole Life Challenge have grown tremendously over the past few years. Let’s take a look at why game-based eating plans are so popular now, and how they might be able to help you achieve success when it comes to the foods you eat.

Why game-based eating plans are so popular

There are two main reasons that game-based eating plans and programs have become so popular: community and competition.

Nutrition games like the Whole Life Challenge allow people to obtain a sense of community with others who are also engaged in an eating plan. People who are going through similar experiences can instantly build a sense of rapport with others, which provides a support system for those participating in these games. This sense of community also allows people to enjoy their successes more. According to scientific research, when a person experiences a pleasurable sensation (such as attaining a fitness goal) the sense of accomplishment is amplified when someone else has the same experience.

The second major reason that game-based eating plans are so valuable is because they include competition. Many people are more inclined to succeed with their goals when they are competing against others. As it says in the Whole Life Challenge FAQ section, when a person has “skin in the game” it makes them more likely to achieve the results they want. This is the reason many nutrition-based games include things like entry fees, points, leaderboards, and prizes for winners.

Can game-based eating plans help me?

It’s tough to say definitively whether or not these game-based eating competitions and plans will have a positive impact on your nutritional goals, simply because everyone is different. If you prefer to be in total control of your nutritional efforts, or you aren’t comfortable sharing personal information about your fitness goals, game-based eating plans might not be right for you.

However, people who have been struggling to stick to a consistent eating plan by themselves may find that the support and competitive nature of a game-based eating plan are exactly what they need to achieve their goals.