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The Gadgeteer | Marc Pro Review


What’s the best way to test out the effectiveness of Marc Pro? The Gadgeteer shows you how they put Marc Pro to the test and compares it to an alternative that they also used to try to achieve the same result. The review didn’t stop there, they also put the price of Marc Pro into a new interesting perspective. Check out the full review by clicking here.

the gadgeteer“So one of the questions you might be asking yourself is, “should I spend $649 on this device?”  The manufacturer compares the cost of this unit with several cups of Starbucks coffee, but I think better considerations are medical free pain relief and the value of time. In the first case, while it is true that NSAIDs are a lot cheaper than this unit, accumulated exposure to these drugs has been shown to be harmful. In addition, this device will last for several years so the cost of many years of pain relief drugs must be considered in a price comparison. In the end this device will still be more expensive, but doesn’t your body deserve the best treatment available?

The other consideration is the value of time. While some of the benefits that this device provides can be achieved by foam rolling, massage, and stretching, these activities cost money too, and your efforts must be focused intensely on them at the moment they are happening; you can’t really foam roll and write a WordPress post at the same time (true story).  The Marc Pro can provide muscle recovery while you relax, read a book, or watch a movie. The cost of this unit allows you to do more things in less time. If you average it out to 100 hours of use in the first year alone, the cost of this unit is less than minimum wage. Isn’t your time to do these other things worth more than $6.49/hr? If it is, than buying this is a worthy investment.

Using this device also has another profound effect: it encourages you to be more active. Because this device shortens recovery, the downtime between bouts of physical activity is reduced, which means you can be more active with less concern about paying for it the next day.”