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The Best Goo and Gel Sports Supplements for Every Situation

best goo and gel sports supplementsThe concept of sports gels as a supplement or source of hydration is common sense, as many fitness gurus have long awaited a convenient, easy way to get the nutrients they need. Manufacturers have responded to the demand for these goo packets by putting out a range of options, but it can be hard to choose the proper one for your body and determine when you should consume one. For help making a decision, here are some recommended goo and gel sports supplements for every workout situation.

Gu Energy Gel: Perfect for Long Distance Biking

When cycling, the last thing you want to do is to have to pull over to re-hydrate and get some much-needed carbs in your system. But you often have no choice, as your leg muscles will start to feel like noodles after the first dozen miles or so. Gu Energy Gel speeds carbohydrates where they’re needed via highly digestible maltodextrin and fructose, which makes it easy on the stomach. Endurance athletes who have tried this product report that their leg muscles feel lighter and tighter within 20 minutes after consumption.

Hammer Energy Gel: A Caffeine Boost for the Triathlon

Some of the best goo and gel sports supplements include caffeine as a key ingredient, in addition to carbohydrates. Falling somewhere between a cola drink and a bit of chocolate, the caffeine in Hammer Energy Gel is just enough to put a spring in your step when you’re starting to lag during a triathlon. One serving will give you an energy pick-me-up and increase your blood sugar levels, but it contains no refined sugars. Note: Not all flavors feature caffeine so read labels to be sure.

Clif Shot Energy Gel: Ideal for Runners

While all goo or gel packets are designed for quick, convenient consumption by athletes on-the-go, Clif Shot Energy Gel goes even further to deliver essential nutrients to your body. It has a lighter, more fluid consistency, which makes it easier to swallow during a long run. It features carbs in the form of brown rice syrup and potassium citrate to supply the electrolytes you need to stay in the race. Clif Shots come in eight flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, and fruit varieties, so you’re sure to find a favorite.

Vega Sport Endurance Gel: Vitamins for Weight Training

Those looking for vegan, all-natural gel supplements should try the goo developed by Vega. The Endurance Gel provides across-the-board benefits during your workouts, supplying both instant and sustained energy. It’s also unique on the market, as it features coconut oil as a source of non-carb energy. However, its electrolyte blend of vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, sodium and other nutrients is what packs a vitamin punch that’s perfect for strenuous weight training sessions.
Of course, there are other products that could make this list of the best goo and gel sports supplements on the market, but these are a few strong options to help with performance.