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Swim to Run – Marc Pro Plus Review

Swim to Run recently did an in-depth review of the Marc Pro Plus.  They looked at everything from the specs on what’s included in the box to their own experiences with the device.  Read the full Marc Pro Plus review here.

“Using the low intensity mode on the Marc Pro Plus+ I could tell that my legs felt significantly “fresher” the day after training versus without the Marc Pro Plus+.  To actually verify this I did several hard workouts and then used the Marc Pro Plus+ on one leg but not the other. When I woke up the next morning I could tell a difference and the leg on which I used the Marc Pro Plus+ was fresher feeling. I think the big difference using the Marc Pro Plus+ is that you just feel better when you go out for a workout the next day. I just didn’t experience that heavy dead leg feeling that I have felt previously after hard workouts.”


marc pro review