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Supplementing Correctly Post-Workout

supplementing correctly post workoutYou prepared your body for a workout by hydrating and consuming the right nutrients, and you spent your sweat session continuing to supply it with the essentials. Now it’s time to properly recover and get the most out of all your hard work. Supplementing correctly post-workout is just as critical as your routine before and during exercise, so invest some time replenishing your body with what it is craving. Here are some tips on what to do after you wrap up your workout.

Your muscles need protein post workout

Hands-down, protein is probably the paramount, most important nutrient you need for muscle growth and performance. Workouts deplete your body of amino acids, which play a role in constricting your muscles during post-workout recovery. In addition to the protein you normally get throughout the day, make sure to consume around 50 additional grams after high-intensity exercise.

Whey protein is among the top options you can choose from as a source of this essential nutrient, as it takes only 20-30 minutes to be absorbed into your system. Considering that your window of opportunity to take advantage of post-workout benefits is only around 60 minutes, you want to deliver protein as soon as possible.

Replenish carbohydrates

Carbs are another essential component of supplementing correctly post workout, as you’ve probably come close to expending your body’s entire reserves after a vigorous exercise session. You’ll need around 50 grams of high-quality carbs to get your levels back up to normal and, in turn, maximize your potential for improving muscle density. Carbohydrates replace the glycogen that you’ve expended during your workout, so you avoid the fatigued feeling afterward that makes you want to take a nap.

In addition, consuming the right carbs means you’ll avoid the risk of your body using muscle to restore energy. You’ve worked hard to develop and tone your muscles, so it’s a waste for all that effort to go towards supplying post workout energy. But instead of heading for baked goods, bagels and other foods that are high in refined sugars, go for complex carbohydrates. Brown rice, low-fat dairy products and whole wheat breads and pasta are excellent sources of carbs.

Creatine increases muscle growth

As a supplement, creatine enhances the power of your muscles by taking on the role as an energy source when the cells are running low on oxygen – such as in the time period after a workout. Creatine also boosts hydration of muscle cells. Together the two factors provide increased protein synthesis, which results in comprehensive muscle growth.

While supplementing correctly post workout is important, there are other ways to make sure your body benefits from exercise. Electronic muscle stimulation products like Marc Pro, are developed to speed muscle recovery and facilitate performance. The Marc Pro Plus includes technology designed to relieve pain. These solutions can be a valuable asset to your exercise routine, especially when used alongside sports supplements, a well-rounded diet, and proper hydration.