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Six Popular Fitness Resorts Worth Exploring

six popular fitness resortsAfter working hard for months to stay in shape or improve your level of physical fitness, you deserve a fabulous vacation to reward yourself. However, you don’t want to abandon your regular workout routine and erase the great results you’ve achieved. Why not consider a vacation that helps you achieve both goals: Try one of these six popular fitness resorts that will help you stay active during the day while you enjoy some relaxation and indulgences at night.

1. Big Sky Montana Resort, Big Sky, MT:

With over 5,700 skiable acres and 4,300 feet of vertical drop, this resort is a dream come true for lovers of winter sports. Hit the slopes on skis or a snowboard, or try an ice climbing session. Finish off the day by relaxing in a hot tub or steam room. There are accommodations ranging from casual to luxury and plenty of restaurant and entertainment options for après ski.

2. Lake Austin Spa, Austin, TX:

This lakefront spa is one of the world’s top destinations in part because of the breathtaking vistas throughout its 19 acres. You’ll have many options for activities and fitness classes, including unique yoga courses and meditation. You can also choose to head out on the water for skiing, kayaking, and hydro-cycling. The cuisine focuses on locally sourced ingredients while the spa has more than 100 treatments to help you wind down.

3. The Venetian, Las Vegas, NV:

It may be Sin City, but the 134,000-square-foot Canyon Ranch Spa and Fitness Center at this resort won’t make you feel guilty. Plus, you don’t have to actually be a guest of the hotel to use it. You can enjoy the entire facility, from the gyms to cardio machines to a 40-foot rock wall, for a $40 one-day pass. Afterward, relax at the European-inspired Aquavena spa.

4. Rosalie Bay Resort, Dominica:

For a major splurge, try this resort in the Caribbean. The resort features countless relaxation luxuries, including spa treatments and meditation. However, Rosalie Bay is unique in that it helps guests learn new habits they can use when they return home. You’ll receive a customized plan based on your wellness needs, as developed by your very own wellness consultant.

5. Lucero Surf, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica:

Even if you’ve never been on a surfboard, you’ll soon be hanging ten at this gorgeous tropical resort. Learn to surf during private surf lessons held every day. And what a perfect location, many of the best breakers in the world are found here in Costa Rica. When you’re ready for something different, hike the Montezuma Waterfall and go zip-lining through the jungle.

6. Boracay in the Philippines:

This is your dream fitness resort vacation, a world-renowned destination for its beaches and natural beauty. However, it’s also well known as one of the top resorts for martial arts training. Some workouts can be grueling, but there are plenty of activities for people of all fitness levels.

You may be on vacation at any of these six popular fitness resorts, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore recovery efforts after engaging in physical activity. Remember to include stretching and cool down exercises (or a trip to the spa for a massage) to help circulate oxygen post workout.