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Recovery is King – The Fat Black Podcast

The Fat Black Podcast by Trispecific aired an interview with Marc Pro’s CEO/President Ryan Heaney.  Almost every athlete is in a recovery deficit.  People are pushing their bodies’ hard and not allowing them to fully recover before their next workout.  This means that most athletes are not making as much progress as they could be.  In this interview, they discussed everything from how Marc Pro is different from other EMS devices out there to the role of recovery in performing better and getting stronger.  If you’re an athlete looking to get stronger or a non-athlete who just wants to loosen up their tight muscles and feel good, check out the full podcast here.

 “The million dollar question is always, “How is it different”?  Or the immediate assumption is that it’s a pain masking, TENS unit… and that’s the first big clear distinction.  We’re not about masking pain to make someone feel warm and cozy and we’re also not looking to give people abs of steel or anything like that.  But what we are really, really effective at is creating a very significant, very strong, set of muscle contractions or muscle activation but without any muscle fatigue, without any tension or stress on the muscles- really comfortably- to flush out lymphatics and all the metabolic waste that’s created during exercise, training, and competing, as well as bringing in fresh blood and nourishment to promote that faster recovery.”

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