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Obstacle Racing Media – Marc Pro Review

Alec Blenis from Obstacle Racing Media published his review of the Marc Pro.  He dug into the science and research behind the device then tested it out himself for a couple weeks.  See what he had to say about his experience with Marc Pro and read the full review here.

“Personally, I feel like one of the biggest advantages of the Marc Pro is improving recovery without further accumulating fatigue; you can just hook up the electrodes and relax while doing other things like working on the computer, something you wouldn’t be able to do while employing other recovery techniques. I guess you could say it’s passive recovery that works like active recovery. So, while there a tons of ways to help you recover, hooking up to a Marc Pro while you sit on the couch beats just sitting on the couch, and can easily be incorporated into any routine. And while it may be expensive, it’s a one time cost unlike the recurring costs of PT appointments and massage.”


marc pro review