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My 3 Favorite Methods for Muscle Recovery

muscle recovery

by Tony Bonvechio

From protein shakes to supplements to compression gear, there are so many methods for muscle recovery out there.  How do you really know which technique will help you achieve full recovery? You always hear about how important muscle recovery is, but you want to know which tool is going to allow you to recover fully and quickly so you can get back to doing what you love.

Look no further, Tony Bonvechio of BonVec Strength recently wrote an article focusing on just that.  To better demonstrate why the methods he uses are the most effective, he first discusses the basics of muscle recovery.  He then shares his 3 favorite methods for muscle recovery, including soft tissue work, aerobic conditioning, and electric muscle stimulation.

Stim units have grown quite popular among all types of athletes and can be seen in professional locker rooms, powerlifting and weightlifting meets, CrossFit competitions and beyond. The Marc Pro is my personal favorite and is a vital part of my recovery routine. I use it between every strength training workout to reduce soreness and speed up recovery.

Electric muscle stimulation uses small electrical impulses to cause muscles to contract. This muscle pump mechanism takes waste products left over from damaged tissue and moves them through the lymph vessels to eventually be dispelled in urine. The lymphatic system is a PASSIVE system, which means you need to MOVE your muscles to bring in oxygenated blood and healing nutrients.

Wearing an ice pack or simply resting won’t speed up healing because there’s no muscle contraction involved. The Marc Pro, however, stimulates the muscle pump mechanism without the need for you to actively do so. This speeds recovery and avoids the potential for additional muscle damage that may occur if you pushed too hard during an active recovery workout.

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