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Working Out with Music: A Legal Performance-Enhancing Drug?

performance-enhancing drugWorking out with music is not a new concept, however more and more science is illustrating just how much of an impact listening to music can have on a workout. One leading expert on the psychology of exercise music has even claimed that music can be classified as “a type of legal performance-enhancing drug.” Such a claim is not backed lightly, as more and more scientific research is demonstrating that listening to music can actually alter how both the body and brain react during physical exertion.

How Does Music Measure Up to Performance-Enhancing Drugs?

Music has been cited as being able to distract from pain and fatigue. In addition, listening to music can elevate mood, increase endurance levels, and reduce feelings of perceived effort. That is quite the jam-packed list of positives from hooking up to headphones during a workout. However, it is recommended that in order to maximize the effectiveness of using music during a workout, the right mood, rhythm, and cadence are all selected. Workout playlists have been created with the most popular songs that most people are blasting on the elliptical or spin bike.

Listening to music allows for you to be distracted in a positive way, can increase an individual’s effort during physical exertion, and can encourage movement when you hear certain sounds or beats. While there are many positives to listening to music during a workout, the Marc Pro team wants to remind you that if you listen to music when you workout, please use caution, especially when heading outdoors to run or cycle with headphones. In addition to boosting workout efforts, music can also increase recovery efforts by reducing blood lactate levels at a quicker rate. So for the ultimate in recovery, consider blasting music after a hard effort while also using the Marc Pro or Marc Pro Plus. You will be singing your way to more recovered muscles, less muscle soreness, and better performances while getting to hear your favorite tunes!