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Marc Pro Welcomes Pro Triathlete Andy Potts to the Team

andy pottsAndy Potts has raced in over 200 triathlons, finished first over 57 times, and represented the US in the Olympic Games less than a year and a half after starting the sport. What’s even more impressive is that amidst his busy competition and training schedule, he still takes the time to support others. Andy can often be found at Ironman events handing out medals to people crossing the finish line. His approach is humble and positive and he always works hard to encourage others.

Andy Potts first heard about Marc Pro from fellow triathlete Heather Jackson.  He immediately became interested in Marc Pro and reached out to us so he could try the device for himself. Since incorporating Marc Pro into his routine, he has noticed the difference in his recovery.

“I am beyond happy with my Marc Pro! I have totally bought in to its ability to enhance my recovery… I’ve been targeting two spots lately (quads & total legs) and seeing a ton of progress.  The crazy part is that I’ve been sleeping with it (at least the first 3-4 hours)!  I might be going overboard but I don’t think so.  My ability to repeat my efforts is getting better by the day.”

In addition to being a competitor and fan, Andy is also a coach. He started the AP Racing Team as a way to help others push themselves and reach their goals in the sport of triathlon. We are excited to have such a dedicated and well-respected athlete join our team. Welcome to the team Andy!

andy potts