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What Makes Marc Pro Different from Other EMS Devices?


When researching for different electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) devices on the Internet, you can become bombarded with a slew of information and imagery ranging from TENS Unit definitions to images of the best pad placements.

While this information might be useful, it really doesn’t answer your main question—what makes the Marc Pro different from the other EMS devices available?

What Exactly Sets Marc Pro Apart?

Marc Pro uses a technology that is very different from other EMS devices. Marc Pro utilizes a patented dynamic decaying waveform, which grabs the muscle and gently releases as opposed to the square waveform used by traditional EMS devices. Traditional EMS devices grab the muscle and then quickly release the muscle. Marc Pro’s waveform used in combination with a long pulse duration, allow for a non-fatiguing muscle contraction, which is critical for recovery.

Other EMS devices use a square waveform, with a short pulse duration, which also produces a muscle contraction, similar to the Marc Pro; however after about 15-20 minutes of use of the traditional EMS, the muscles will start to become fatigued and recovery benefits will be reversed. Not only does Marc Pro’s technology allow for extremely effective recovery, it also allows for a comfortable experience that actually feels pleasant during use. When the goal is to recover, more power does not yield better results.

Also, other EMS devices use preprogrammed settings. There can be settings for warm-up, conditioning, active recovery, recovery, and massage. The Marc Pro allows for all these benefits to happen simultaneously in one comfortable, easy-to-use setting. No separate programs are necessary. The Marc Pro focus is on recovery, performance, injury prevention, and making strength gains by improving the recovery process, not by relying on a device alone to do it for you, which some devices claim.

So why should you consider investing in Marc Pro? Because you have nothing to lose, and the ultimate recovery to gain. Plus, you can try the Marc Pro for 30 days and if you don’t get the results you are looking for, you can set up a free coaching call or return the unit for your money back.