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Marc Pro Use Tip: Alternate Global Leg Flush Set Up

Marc Pro Use Tip: An update on an old favorite from our triathlete on staff Derick Smith.

“The Leg Global Flush is one of my favorite Marc Pro placements for a quick leg flush after a ride or run, but it’s also great for any leg intensive workout. I’ve been trying out a variation of this placement. Using the same placement, hook Channel A up to the upper electrodes in the inguinal lymph node region and hook Channel B up to lower electrodes on the feet. This set up will allow you to fine tune the intensity going to the upper and lower placements. Remember, as with any pad placement, there might be some trial and error in finding the perfect pad placements that works best for you.”

Alternate Global Leg FlushPlacement Notes: Upper electrodes are just inside of the hip flexor near the inguinal lymph nodes. Fine tuning this particular placement can be helpful. Try numerous positions; with the right placement, you’ll notice a significantly stronger contraction of the entire leg.