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Marc Pro Releases Noah Ohlsen Signature Series Device

Noah Ohlsen Marc Pro device

Huntington Beach, CA – 3/5/21 – Marc Pro, the premier electronic muscle stimulator used for muscle recovery, has announced its first ever Signature Series Marc Pro Device, partnering with 7x CrossFit Games Athlete Noah Ohlsen. The new Marc Pro device sheds the normal green exterior for royal blue and utilizes design work from Evertrain’s POST PRO to provide a fresh screen display.

As Noah’s chosen recovery products, Marc Pro and Evertrain are what Noah uses after hard CrossFit training sessions. Athletes and others who are pushing themselves physically can benefit from Marc Pro’s patented technology – stimulating the muscle to move nutrients and waste without ever causing fatigue. Ultimately, Marc Pro provides clearly superior results in reducing muscle soreness and fatigue, clearing congestion in joints, and preventing overuse injuries.  

noah ohlsen marc pro device

Noah Ohlsen’s Signature Pro Pack comes with the new Noah Ohlsen inspired Marc Pro device, including a new hard-shell carrying case and grab-bag to make traveling with the device easy and secure. As always, all accessories needed to use Marc Pro are included, such as electrodes (pads), lead wires, aloe gel, and a charger. 

Each Pro Pack order will also include a 24oz bag of Evertrain POST PRO. The meticulously developed formula of POST PRO delivers clean carbs for fuel, electrolytes to replenish, and essential amino acids to rebuild muscle. This Signature Pro Pack will only be available for a limited time.