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Marc Pro contributes to Race Across America Record Finish

Marc Pro congratulates Catharina Berge, Lori Cherry, Jeanine Spence, and Isabelle Drake who¬†make up the 4RAWMILKCATS women’s 50+ 4 person cycling team for their victory and record in the world’s toughest bicyle race. RAAM veteran and past solo winner told us: “The Raw Milk Cats did not only set a new 50+ record, but we also set an overall transcontinental record racing at an average speed of 19.22 mph and blowing away the competition. We had tremendous support and tons of fans along the road… We used the Marc Pro units diligently between our 4 hour shifts. I really felt that it helped my muscles to recovery and enabled them to hammer every four hours. I was amazed at how I got stronger every day of the race, and part I attribute to the Marc Pro.”