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Interview With Fitness Star & CrossFit Athlete Emily Schromm

emily schrommMarc Pro Athlete Spotlight: Emily Schromm

One look at what Emily Schromm has accomplished in the last few years, and you’ll wonder how she found time to do it all. She’s a CrossFit athlete, having come in First at The Fittest Games Amateur Division at CrossFit Center and placed at the CrossFit Games Open Southwest Regional in 2014. Emily’s also got a certifications list a mile long:

  • Certified Personal Trainer for National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • USA Women’s Sports Performance Coach
  • CapLogistics Health and Wellness Coach
  • CrossFit Level 1 Coach
  • CrossFit Kids and Gymnastics Coach

But outside the fitness world, Emily is well known for her participation in various MTV shows. She was a cast member on “The Real World, DC,” followed by competitions in “Real World/Road Rules Challenge.” She won the Rivals II Challenge in 2013, which put her on a fast track to win The Next Fitness Star award from Women’s Health magazine in 2014.

You might assume that all these accolades are the result of strict calorie counting, but you’d be wrong. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality – and that means getting rid of carbohydrates, embracing good fats and the right proteins. Emily will be the first to tell you that weight is just a number. Clean, healthy food provides the energy she needs to get through workouts at CrossFit Park Hill in Denver. We talked to Emily about training, muscle recovery and her go-to device to ease aches and pains.

Chat Session with Emily

1. What do you recommend for muscle recovery after a workout?

I cannot get enough of the Marc Pro [electro-stimulation device]. If my body is achy from working on my feet all day or if my shoulder is angry from too many jerks, I know that I can come home and immediately feel better after a thirty minute session with the Marc Pro.

Outside of my Marc Pro, I love arnica oil. [It’s] all natural, soothing and seriously effective for sore muscles. And…SLEEP. I must have lots of that. Magnesium helps greatly with not only muscle recovery and efficient ATP production, but – if taken before bed – [it] helps me sleep all night and wake up recovered and refreshed.

2. What types of physical training are you doing these days?

Not only am I training in hopes of [competing at ] CrossFit Regionals with my team, [but I’m also] constantly working one-on-one as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. On top of that, [there’s] the psychological stress of owning two businesses and working many hours outside of my one-on-ones. [It] can really add up and tie in to my recovery, which is why it is vital for me to get all the help I can.

3. When did you first start using Marc Pro?

I heard about Marc Pro by word of a friend who knew I was struggling with a former labral tear in my hip. I refused to do surgery and needed any other way to start the healing process. Along with proper rest, mobility and clean nutrition, the Marc Pro helped me in my full, non-surgical recovery.

4. What else do you like about it?

It is so easy to use; I don’t have to think about it! Even foam rolling can be hard to do after working all day. I don’t want to lie down and inflict pain on myself. With Marc Pro I can do it right before I fall asleep as I’m winding down.

5. Would other athletes benefit from using the Marc Pro?

Athletes need to stay on top of their game, and the Marc Pro is a fantastic tool to help you do just that. Recovery is the only way to keep your body happy, strong, and running for many years to come. Don’t let little tweaks and injuries affect your true potential! I highly suggest it to any athlete, any competitor, or anyone who is sick of those nagging aches and pains their training can cause. There is nothing more valuable than being able to take care of your body when needed.

Emily will be staying busy in the coming months. She continues with CrossFit training and running her companies as personal trainer and fitness instructor. She’ll soon be adding another accomplishment to the list: Fall 2015, Emily will be earning her credentials as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

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