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Pro Tennis Player Madison Keys uses Marc Pro for Better Recovery

Madison Keys is a professional tennis player who has consistently ranked in the top 25 by the WTA since 2015. She trains hard and knows that recovery is a crucial part of her routine. Without the proper recovery, players can quickly become fatigued and develop injuries from overuse. To stay ahead of the game, Madison uses Marc Pro to get in the recovery work her body needs. 

madison keys tennis recovery

Just a wild Friday night of recovery over here 
PSA: there’s no injury – I play tennis. I’m constantly doing recovery work 

In her video, Madison can be seen using Marc Pro on her shoulder to speed up recovery. The shoulder pad placement is one of the most common areas for tennis players to target with Marc Pro. With tennis being such a demanding activity for your shoulders, regardless of what level you play at, recreational and elite players can both benefit from improving their recovery. 

While the elite and recreational player have very similar recovery needs, there is one slight difference in how to effectively address each type of player. Elite players typically need more recovery on their inner elbow. Recreational players require more recovery on the outside of their elbow. These differences arise from the technique and training volume of the tennis player. The pad placements below from Dr. Mark Kovacs, suggest how to best use Marc Pro for full arm recovery – including the shoulder and elbow. 

Elite Tennis Player Recovery Flush 

This Marc Pro pad placement targets the shoulder, medial elbow, forearm, and wrist to give elite tennis players whole arm recovery. Turn up the intensity to a level that is comfortable to you and relax for at least 30 minutes. Keep in mind that if you are an elite player that trains hard and long, you will find even greater benefit from using Marc Pro for longer durations of time. Marc Pro’s non-fatiguing contractions allow you to use it for as long as you need to ensure a full and quick recovery. 

Recreational Tennis Player Recovery Flush 

This Marc Pro pad placement targets the shoulder, lateral elbow, forearm, and wrist to give recreational tennis players whole arm recovery. Tennis places a lot of stress on the body and on top of other daily activities it can be a lot to handle. By using Marc Pro for 30 minutes, you can feel better, prevent overuse injuries, and keep your body healthy. 

Low Back Recovery

Arms are a great place to start with Marc Pro, but other areas are also useful to target. The low back is one of the most injured areas in tennis players and the area where people experience the most pain. The twisting motion, poor technique, and lack of flexibility can all contribute to low back issues. It’s important to take the necessary precautions to keep your back healthy.  

Tennis is a sport for a lifetime, but what are you doing to make sure your body stays healthy? Marc Pro allows tennis players to take recovery into their own hands. It doesn’t require any expertise, and it can help you play better, play better for longer, and reduce injuries. Learn more about why Marc Pro is important for tennis players of all levels.

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