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Tips for Kipping Ring Dips with Crossfit Games Athlete Emily Bridgers

ring dipsWhen learning kipping ring dips, your technique can make or break the movement. Anytime your technique is off the movement becomes less efficient and you increase your chance of injury. Crossfit Games Athlete Emily Bridgers shares her tip for learning the kipping ring dip so you can master the movement.

One benefit of kipping ring dips is that they are easier to perform than the strict movement. Kipping uses more of the body and can allow you to do more reps. However, before attempting a kipping ring dip, make sure you’re able to complete strict ring dips. Attempting to do kipping ring dips before learning the strict movement can drastically increase your chance of injury.

Technique Tip from Emily Bridgers

Often times while trying to kip the ring dip, in the bottom position people will scrunch themselves up and then kick their legs towards the floor to shoot back up into the top position. Unfortunately, this strategy isn’t very effective. There is actually a much better way to kip and string together multiple kipping ring dips.

ring dipsEmily suggests using an alternative technique. From the top position, lower your body down with straight legs. Once you get to the bottom position shoot your knees up into your chest. This movement is what will propel you up to the top position. It’s an easy adjustment that can make a huge difference in your kipping ring dips.

Recovery from Kipping Ring Dips

After kipping some ring dips, your chest, shoulders, and triceps will probably need some recovery. To remedy this, use the Marc Pro Upper Arms & Shoulders pad placement (specified in user manual). This will help flush out the entire area so you can prevent overuse injuries and get back to training at your full potential faster.