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I Just Received My Marc Pro — What’s Next?

Top Athletes Spill Their Secrets on How They Use Marc Pro

From Kobe Bryant to Michelle Wie to runners, triathletes, and CrossFit athletes, everybody is using it, and it’s no secret that the Marc Pro helps you recover faster, perform better, and prevent injury. It’s backed by science, used by trainers worldwide, and bottom line: IT WORKS. If you’ve seen athletes posting their latest recovery sessions on Instagram with tags that include #bestrecovery and #happyplace, and wondered about how the Marc Pro works, or how it would benefit you, have a read at how different athletes incorporate Marc Pro into their regular routines.

marc pro

Marc Pro Athlete, Heather Jackson, regularly uses and posts about the Marc Pro on Instagram.

After you open the box, you find yourself asking, “What is the first step?” You see the green and black unit accompanied by cords, electrodes, and even some aloe lotion. Elite runner, Jordan Hasay, has a go-to Marc Pro placement to keep your legs fresh and to start off with your new relationship with the Marc Pro–the Global Leg Flush.

marc pro

Jordan Hasay, elite runner, recovers from training by catching up on her favorite celebs while strapping on the Marc Pro Plus.


Valerie Hunt, a head coach of Run RX, is a recent believer who found herself asking some questions that many first-timers want to know, including:

1. What was your initial draw to the Marc Pro?

Valerie: My draw to the Marc Pro is the recovery component. Many of the runners I coach are training twice a day including strength, speed work, and distance so help in recovery sounds great!

2. Where is the first place that you wanted to test out the Marc Pro?

Valerie: The first place I wanted to use the Marc Pro was my calves! Bouncing, jumping, and running are activities I do often as well as standing all day at the gym, so my calves definitely get a daily workout.

3. Did you first try the Marc Pro pre-workout or post-workout?

Valerie: I tried it out today before my workout and felt great. One of the members tried it post WOD and said she felt less ‘locked up’ and she suffers from arthritis in that knee.

What was your experience like when you tried Marc Pro for the first time? Or what is your favorite way to use it? If you haven’t tried the Marc Pro yet, what questions do you have about using the device or how can we help maximize your training and recovery? Tweet @themarcpro with your questions so our team can help you find the answers you need to try Marc Pro for yourself.