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How to Use Meditation to Improve Your Workout

how to use meditation to improve your workoutSome fitness enthusiasts may not be aware of how to use meditation to improve their workout. There are real benefits to incorporating meditation into your routine. The mind has a significant influence on your performance, and keeping your mind healthy and sharp can yield better workout results.

The following are some tips on how to use meditation to improve your workout:

Before your workout

As you are stretching try taking deep breaths and clearing your mind. Focus on awakening your muscles and your blood circulation. Your body will respond to these focus points and help you prepare for a more effective workout.

During your workout

Believe it or not, many athletes find that using meditation techniques during a workout greatly improves their stamina, endurance, and overall performance. Try a few of these steps during your fitness routine –

  • Breathing – pay close attention to your breathing. Take slow deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Feel the air enter and exit your lungs as your chest expands and contracts.
  • Focus – start by listening to your breathing and then focus on the muscles that you wish to improve. Some people may wish to focus on their heartbeat to keep it steady and strong. Others may want to relax certain muscles that tend to cramp during a workout. Try not to let your mind wander to other thoughts and just focus on improving your body and listening to it respond to your commands.
  • Positive mantras – find some phrases, words, or sayings that can help you to focus and to keep your mind in a positive area. Some people may use songs and lyrics to help boost their positive energy. Others may find solace in nature to aid in the rhythm of a workout. In any case make sure your mantras help to stimulate you and avoid negative thoughts. Some examples can be “I will be stronger,” “My body and mind are one,” or “Overcoming obstacles is what I do.”
  • Housecleaning – picture a broom that is sweeping away the stress in your mind. Make the stress insignificant and removable. Replace the stress, and fight it, using positive thoughts about yourself. Options to help include “I am better than this stress” or “At least I have started on the right track. Now I can proceed.”

After your workout

Once your activity is completed you may have a thousand thoughts going through your mind. Take a few moments to center and calm yourself. With your post-workout stretching take deep breaths and listen to your heart rate as it returns to normal.

When you learn how to use meditation to improve your workout you may notice several advantages. These can include not only better workout performance, but also a boost in energy, reduced stress and better sleep quality.

As with many workouts there can be pain and soreness which may make meditation a bit more challenging. Using an electronic muscle stimulation device like the Marc Pro with your meditation can help with relaxation and muscle rejuvenation. Take your time with meditation and you may find a healthier way to improve your workout.