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How to Motivate Yourself to Workout

how to motivate yourself to workoutIf you’ve ever sat on the couch, flipping through channels as you dread the workout you know you need, you’re not alone. Motivating yourself to hit the gym isn’t always easy, even when you’re aware of the benefits of regular exercise and love the way it makes you look and feel. When you’ve tried other methods, check out these few tips that will inspire you to get excited about working out.

Play a sport instead of working out

When you think about playing a sport, whether individually or as part of a team, you’re motivated to engage because you enjoy the challenge. With a sport, the reasons you exercise will be less about an obligation that’s focused on appearance or weight loss. So have fun, instead of feeling compelled to work out from a sense of duty.

Embrace the power of positive thinking

As you’re mulling over whether to work out, there’s a conversation going on in your head: “I should exercise. If I don’t, I’ll never get fit.” This is your subconscious mind exhibiting negativity, so you need to turn that around. Start thinking about how great you’ll feel and look after a sweat session, and you’ll soon rise to the challenge.

Establish a goal

You can go for something short term, like saying you’ll run 20 miles this week, or try setting a long-term goal, like training for and running a marathon. It’s important to keep your objectives reasonable, however. Don’t try and commit to losing 50 pounds – make it more achievable by establishing milestones along the way. The feeling of accomplishment will keep you motivated to maintain a regular fitness schedule.

Reward yourself

When you do achieve the goals you’ve set, it’s time to reward yourself. Treat yourself to some new workout gear or go all out and give yourself a dream vacation when you achieve your final goal.

Forget your appearance

You won’t be inspired to hit the gym if all you can think about is your appearance. There may be people who tell you otherwise, but this type of thinking actually has the opposite effect. A 2014 study revealed that workout frequency relates to three key concepts:

  1. Appreciation of your appearance
  2. Being in-tune with how it feels
  3. Satisfaction with what your body can do

The problem is that motivation based on appearance alone can erase the benefits of these three concepts. Find a source of inspiration other than trying to get your thighs or abs into shape.

Don’t get saddled by guilt

Some people find less motivation to exercise when they’ve missed a few sessions – they experience guilt as if the damage is already done. So what if you skipped a day or two, don’t get bogged down and avoid exercising. Channel your thoughts into getting excited about your next workout and put everything else in the past. Hopefully, these tips on how to motivate yourself to work out have inspired you to get your heart pumping.