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How to Get Rid of Muscle Soreness

muscle soreness

Lifting weights and training for a sport means you must be prepared to push your body. Whether or not you actually enjoy working out, it is commonly understood that physical training is necessary for competing at a high level and remaining healthy.

What almost everyone can agree on though, is that the resulting muscle soreness from working out is NOT enjoyable. If you’re working out often, then it probably feels like you’re sore all the time. Even though this soreness might be a necessary annoyance for improving strength and endurance, there are steps you can take steps to help limit the discomfort.

Massage/Foam Rolling/Percussion Tools

Applying pressure from either a hand, foam roller, or other recovery tools have the same goal in mind – to break up adhesions and muscle knots that build up after workouts.

One of the most common recovery methods available are massages. A massage therapist is trained to work with you on pinpointing the exact location of a muscle to address. Not only does this help with myofascial release, but getting a massage is a relaxing experience and can help psychologically.

Foam rollers are an easy, inexpensive alternative to massage, but you’ll have to maneuver your body around the foam roller rather than being in a relaxed, still position. Percussion tools can range in price and offer massage benefits as well. Often, the hand-help tools can often be easier to use than a foam roller.

Marc Pro

One of the most important pieces to getting rid of muscle soreness is active recovery. Sometimes overlooked in a recovery routine, light active movements like jogging, or low intensity swimming and biking are critical to muscle adaptation. Muscle movement kickstarts the body’s natural recovery process – bringing fresh blood into the muscle to repair tissues and flushing out waste to clear congestion.

muscle soreness

Many athletes use a Marc Pro device to help get active recovery benefits at home or on the road. Marc Pro is a trusted muscle stimulator that creates muscle contractions to areas where you’re sore. Unlike a TENS unit, the Marc Pro is designed specifically to move blood and nutrients without causing any additional fatigue.  

This movement of blood and waste helps tissues recover and reduces muscle soreness. When Marc Pro is incorporated into your routine, the device can help with improving strength, endurance, and performance. Marc Pro devices are durable and built to last, so an investment into one will provide benefits for years beyond the warranty period.


This is an easy one…get more sleep! After pushing yourself throughout the day, getting adequate sleep allows the brain and body to slow down and address recovery. When your body is asleep, human growth hormone is secreted and allows the body to repair and recover muscles.

Constantly searching for coffee or finding it hard to stay awake during the day are signs that you should re-evaluate the priority placed on getting enough hours of sleep at night.  

If you are going through hard workouts or exercising often, completely eliminating soreness is unlikely. However, taking advantage of the time in between workouts to focus on recovery can be a game changer for those looking to get an edge and will drastically decrease overall muscle soreness.

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